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Water Challenges and Membrane Treatment Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry
| By Pentair X-Flow
This white paper discusses the global challenge to efficiently use available water sources and the treatment opportunities with membranes for (waste-)water streams with a focus on the oil production sector, and the refining and petrochemicals sector.
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Weiss A/S Delivers World Class Green Energy Solutions
Our mission is to ensure that customers,employees, shareholders and the environment will benefit from our green energy solutions.
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WEISS Process Steam Production
Weiss A/S offers biomass boilers plants customized to your specific requirements. Most Weiss’ plants, are real life multi fuel plants which can handle several kinds of biomass fuels in the same category. Choose the Weiss plant now and gain the benefit of reducing your energy costs.
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Wet Gas Diagnostic with Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter
| By Emerson Process Management
Wet gas is a commonly occurring condition in the production of natural gas and is usually encountered at the wellhead and after separators with carryover. Wet gas implies that a small amount of liquid, usually water, oil and/or gas condensates, with liquid amounts up to 10% by volume. Read more.
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Whole Life Cycle Asset Integrity Management and Costing
| By Applus RTD
This free white paper includes information on the concept of asset integrity management, asset life cycle and costing, risk based inspection (RBI) during asset life cycle, and the benefits of RBI.
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| By C-COM Satellite Systems
Compared with terrestrial wireless, such as microwave, satellite transmission capacity is largely limited by two factors, frequency spectrum and power. For example a full Ku‐band frequency spectrum for a satellite is only about 500MHz whereas fibre transmission has almost unlimited useable frequency spectrum; satellites cannot compete in terms of capacity. Another major limitation of the satellite technology is that its power is fully dependent on solar power.
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Why Our Float Magnetic Field is Superior
| By Clark-Reliance
The factory preaches, "Jerguson has the strongest magnetic circuit on the market"…but why? The common answer is that "Jerguson uses two continuous ring magnets with opposing north fields." To find out more, please download this free white paper.
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Winder with Integrated Motor and Central Motor Cooling Systemz
This free white paper provides technical information about this product.
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World Record Holder in Transporting Heavy Goods
| By SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik
Industrial plants weighing more than 16,000 tons. Millionpound submarines and luxury yachts. Historical temples and churches. Liquid ore and slag. SCHEUERLE develops and produces superlative heavy goods transporters for applications that are impossible for others. Offshore, air and space travel industry, shipyards, plant construction, smelting and steel works, or heavy goods freight rely on SCHEUERLE transport technology. We have set standards repeatedly over the last 70 years with our pioneering work developing heavy transport vehicles. Many of our developments, such as the SCHEUERLE pendulum axle, still form the basis of modern heavy goods transporters today.
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