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Value Creation in the Enterprise Risk Management Process with Management Information Systems
| By DNV GL - Software
When working in a global business environment there is a great awareness of risk, yet most companies lack a complete picture of their enterprise risk portfolio. Stakeholders demand corporate accountability and transparency, and globalization calls for businesses to address risk quickly and demonstrate their risk performance almost real time. Corporations call for state-of-the-art technology and software support to respond to these requirements.
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Valves for Nuclear Power Brochure
Valves designed for the third and higher safety levels are, depending on their location within the power plant, subjected to design and check calculations, seismic resistance calculations, lifetime tests at maximum service parameters, experimental tests for seismic resistance, and other tests according to specific design requirements.
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Valves for Power Industry Brochure
Globe valves and control valves are industrial valves designed to open or close the service fluid flow fully. It is used especially in power engineering, chemical industry as well as other industries putting great demands on functionality at high pressures and high temperatures.
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Valves for the Solar Industry
The solar industry has impressed us with a breathtaking annual growth rate of 40% over the past six years. An average of about 30% is forecast for the years following that, and the boom is now continuing on a broad front in America and Asia. But suppliers to the solar/photovoltaic industry are confronted by special challenges.
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VAP-O-LOC Internal Floating Roof
| By Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic
An internal floating roof contributes to higher profitability and enhanced environmental protection. Depending on storeage medium, the emission losses from volatile hydrocarbons stored in fixed-roof tanks with IFRs installed are known to reduce losses by amounts often in excess of 95%.
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Vapor Pressure Process Analyzer RVP-4
The BARTEC BENKE Vapor Pressure Process Analyzer (RVP-4) measures the vapor pressure of petroleum products, hydrocarbons, chemical products and components online and fully automatic.
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Vehicle Technologies for the Transportation of Wind Power Plants
| By SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik
The affiliated companies SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik, NICOLAS Industrie and KAMAG Transporttechnik have met the particular transportation challenges of highly sensitive offshore wind power plants and have developed a plethora of specialised transportation solutions. No matter whether it is extremely long rotor blades, nacelles or oversize tower segments of diameters up to 6 m. Whether inside the company or on public roads, SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG have the right solution for every transportation task. Safe and reliable!
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Velocity Collars: No Longer Best Engineering Practice
| By Emerson Process Management
A velocity collar is a metal ring machined into the shank of a thermowell and installed tightly in to the standoff of a pipe. Why use velocity collars? Download whitepaper to find out more.
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Verification Of FPGA-Based NPP I&C Systems: General Approach and Techniques
| By RPC Radiy
This paper presents a general approach and techniques for design and verification of Field Programmable Gates Arrays (FPGA)-based Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems for Nuclear Power Plants (NPP).
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Vertical Chemical Centrifugal Pump Made from Metal Type GVSO
| By Aliaxis Utilities & Industry AB
Our GVSO submersible pump offers a persuasive choice thanks to its reliability, safe, leakage-free and yet also compact and maintenance-friendly design with different sealing variants. This is why for many years now the GVSO offers a universally useable vertical pump concept in the widest range of different chemical plants.
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Vertical Roller Mill Repair
| By Castolin Eutectic
Together with our partners, during the last decades we have proved that preventive maintenance on VRMs can extend the lifetime by as much as 100%. Such VRM maintenance operations have been performed on over 60 VRMs , with 80% of on-site repairs but also repairs in our workshops.
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Viscosity Process Analyzer VISC-4
The BARTEC BENKE Viscosity Process Analyzer (VISC-4) is a continuously kinematic viscosity measuring capillary analyzer suited to measure the viscosity of a product. The VISC-4 operates online. It serves to monitor/maintain product quality for the in-spec production of mineral oil products.
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Vortex Shedding Calculations on Multiple Thermowell Installations
| By Emerson Process Management
Thermowells are essentially a circular cylinder installed like a cantilever into the process piping. They provide process condition protection and a process seal for temperature sensors. As a process fluid passes around the thermowell, low pressure vortices are created on the downstream side in laminar, turbulent, and transitional flow. Read more.
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VPanel Classroom Simulator Technology
| By GSE Systems
Bridging the Gap to Tomorrow’s Plant Workforce with Innovative Training Solutions.
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