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Taro: Powering Performance Forecasting for Power Plants
| By DNV GL - Software
Power interruptions, such as small shortages or complete power failures, have an impact on society; but industry also suffers considerably from power cuts. On average, the majority of power supply disruptions from transmission and distribution grids only endure for a few hours but complete shutdowns are not unusual in some parts of the world. Both types of disruption directly impact production companies but also critical infrastructure systems such as telecommunication networks, gas and water supply grids and hospitals. The consequences of these interruptions for industry are lower productivity, inability to deliver services, higher maintenance costs and unsafe operating conditions for equipment.
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Teadit Companies Aim to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction
Visitors to Teadit’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities often remark on the cleanliness of the plants and the obvious attention to workplace safety, and it is certainly true that careful consideration and implementation is given to environmental concerns. “Our mission can be summed up in the words: ‘sealing for a safer and greener tomorrow’”, says Josie Fernandez, Marketing Manager for Teadit International. Josie explains to Pump Engineer the beneficial effects of the Teadit vision as it is applied today in their plants across the world.
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TEADIT® Low-Emission (LE) Product Guide
Including TEADIT® Style 2236LE, TEADIT® ECOTAPE®-LE and TEADIT® Spiral Wound 913M-LS LE.
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Technical Paper: Effective and Chemical-Free Deoxygenation of Water
| By Minox Technology
The Minox Deoxygenation technology is developed for the effective removal of oxygen from fluids. Its main application is the deoxygenation of seawater which is injected for Increased Oil Recovery (IOR). Over the years more than 30 Minox systems have been delivered to the international oil industry.
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Techniques for Interconnecting Smart Wireless Gateways to ProSoft RadioLinx® Devices
| By Emerson Process Management
Pervasive Field Networks (PFN) is a straight forward solution to collect and send field data back to the right place. This paper provides assistance to install ProSoft RadioLinx devices with Smart Wireless Gateways for use in a PFN. Download whitepaper to find out more.
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Technological Solutions for Electric Switchboards
Measurement and protection solutions for the design and assembly of switchboards. The objective: to facilitate the assembly, optimisation of space on panels and improve assembly and building costs.
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Teijin Aramid - Company Brochure
| By Teijin Aramid
We are a modern, innovative, high-tech company staffed by professionals who are fascinated by the potential of aramid. We are open and transparent, and have a strong, people-oriented culture that values respect. In short, Teijin Aramid is a committed company that employees feel proud to work for. A company that brings out the best in people with a wide range of technical and commercial backgrounds.
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Tekla Structures Offshore Design and Fabrication
| By Tekla
Timescale saving are becoming mainstream in offshore projects. Traditional way of working with 2D CAD drawings demand traditional working methods by assigning standalone CAD files to individual team members which is creating high risk for misunderstanding, overlapping and errors that cause delays. Working with 3D models the data is integrated in one model that all project members are working with.
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TENEX: A World Leader in Supplying Nuclear Fuel Cycle Products
This brochure describes how Joint Stock Company "TENEX" is Russia’s largest exporter of nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) products and services. It proudly supplies the global market with commodities produced by ROSATOM’s enterprises.
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Tether Management Systems TMS-PF
| By Subsea Innovation
The TMS-PF (Power Fleeting) is compatible with all Subsea Innovation Launch and Recovery Systems as well as a variety of other LARS and ROV systems.
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Tether Management Systems TMS-SF
| By Subsea Innovation
The TMS-SF (Self Fleeting) is compatible with all Subsea Innovation Launch and Recovery Systems as well as a variety of other LARS and ROV systems.
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| By Crowcon
Proven to serve the needs of today’s most arduous industrial environments. Designed with the user in mind, the top mount display, full function data and event logs, audible, visual and vibrating alarms deliver top end performance in a small and lightweight package.
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Thales Oil & Gas Pipeline Solutions
| By Thales
Process control, communication and security management brochure.
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The Effectiveness of Energy Storage to Reduce Peak Demand on the Australian National Electricity Market
| By Energy Exemplar
The energy sector has forecasted significant increases in demand over the next decade with the general belief that this will be serviced by increased renewable energy deployment within the grid. Most of this will be within distribution rather than transmission networks and as a result we will see rapid developments within smart grid technologies.
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The EPIC™ Double Ferrule Valve
| By Check-All Valve
The EPIC™ Double Ferrule valve is a poppet style check valve with compression tube connections.
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The Future of Marine Renewables
| By Royal Academy of Engineering
Engineering the Future response to the Energy and Climate Change Committee on The Future of Marine Renewables (September 2011)
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The HEU - LEU Agreement: The Contract Between Russia and America that Changed the Nuclear Industry
This brochure has been prepared by JSC Techsnabexport, which has been directly in charge of the Group of Contracts concluded under the HEU-LEU Agreement. It is not intended as a complete analysis of the results of the Agreement or as an evaluation of its historical importance. It is simply an attempt to lay out the key facts in the preparation and implementation of this unique Russian-American nuclear project for a wide audience.
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The iNetVu® Controller – Inclined Orbit Tracking
| By C-COM Satellite Systems
The C-COM engineering team has developed a proprietary algorithm that allows the iNetVu™ antennas to track inclined orbit satellites. This algorithm, in conjunction with one of the four methods below used by C-COM to locate the satellite, makes it possible for the iNetVu™ mobile antenna system to effectively use an inclined orbit satellite for connectivity.
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The Intergraph Cloud Stress Test - Putting Cloud Technology to the test on a $10B Global Energy Mega Project
| By Hexagon
As global energy demands increase, the oil and gas industry is under pressure to keep up. This is a trend that is expected to continue - analysts forecast that nearly US$40 trillion in capital investment will be directed into energy projects over the next 20 years to meet consumer demand.
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The ISOMETER® IRDH575: Bender's Insulation Monitoring Device for Unearthed AC, DC and AC/DC Systems
| By Bender
This insulation monitoring device is for unearthed AC, DC and AC/DC systems (IT systems) with control and display function for EDS insulation fault location systems.
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The Need for Subsea Leak Detection
| By Neptune Oceanographics Ltd
Neptune Oceanographics Ltd is a global leader in the field of detection of leaks from subsea pipelines, risers and control systems and has made, and continues to make, significant technical advances in this field.
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The New PTA Automated Unit
| By Castolin Eutectic
The new GAP Automated Unit is fully integrated with oscillation and arc length controller.
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The Next Generation of Turbo Machinery Control
| By Continuous Control Solutions
Continuous Control Solutions provides the next generation of control technology and solutions inclusive of design, implementation and commissioning of reliable, high-quality control systems for Industrial Turbo Machinery control applications.
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The Power of Multi-D Technologies
| By Dassault Systèmes
IDC Energy Insights believes that the future of asset design, construction, and operations is rapidly changing to a point where 3D and 4D simulation is going to be expected and not just a "nice to have." These tools will not only be a part of design but also of everyday operations.
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The Process and Tools to Investigate Incidents and Solve Problems
| By Kelvin TOPSET
Kelvin TOPSET brochure. The power of knowing – prevention by investigation.
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The Smart Grid in the Medium and Low Voltage Level
In the last article, “Smart Grid Part 1”, we looked at the topic of how zenon can be involved with the provision of data to superordinate monitoring bodies. In this article, we look at the Smart Grid from the substation to the end consumer - the medium and low voltage area.
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The state of play in UK offshore wind: A2SEA Summer 2011 Review
| By A2SEA
Because offshore turbine installation makes up a part of that ecosystem, growth in the UK has had a profound effect on our operations at A2SEA . Active in the UK offshore wind industry since 2002, we have recently confirmed our commitment to UK operations with the appointment of a new regional manager. This brings us even closer to our customers and partners in the UK, and gives us the flexibility to expand our UK team with the highly skilled and experienced people we’ll need as Round 3 projects enter the construction phase
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The Status of the Biomass Industry in China: Past Mistakes and Future Opportunities
| By DP CleanTech
After 10 years of unpredictable and uneven progress, the agri-based biomass to power industry in China is set for rapid and sustained growth; and will generate above-normal profit returns for those companies which have understood and addressed the problems of the past.
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The UK’s Energy Supply: Security or Independence?
| By Royal Academy of Engineering
The UK’s Energy Supply: security or independence? response from Engineering the Future to the Energy and Climate Change Committee (March 2011)
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