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SAER Pumps for Marine Applications
| By Aliaxis Utilities & Industry AB
All SAER pumps can be adapted to meet customer needs. With different variants of our standard products can be manufactured, using different kind of materials, from SS, DUPLEX, bronze, cast iron, etc. Conceiving the products according to our customer needs.
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Safety and Quality Assurance and Demonstration
| By Solvina
Pontus Ryd and Andreas Knutsson look at successful quality assurance and licensing in nuclear power plants upgrades/uprates with a customised safety case approach.
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SAL - Full Service Heavy Lift Shipping
| By SAL
SAL is the exclusive agent for one of the leading carriers worldwide specialized in the transport of heavy lift cargo. Its wide-ranging experience makes SAL the partner of choice for the safe delivery of all types of project cargoes. Please download the free company brochure.
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Sampling Valve
| By Eugen Seitz AG
Isolation valve for analysis of reactor water.
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SAP Secondary Distribution and Fuels Retailing
| By Implico
The SAP Secondary Distribution Management for Oil & Gas (SAP SDM) package provides functionalities to efficiently manage and automate the end-to-end order to cash processes. The integration of and the communication to transportation companies, own fleet, Terminals/Depots and Refineries is the main scope of the application.
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SCADA Systems Using IEC 61850 Differences to IEC 60870 in Relation to Command Processing
The topic of IEC 61850 has been discussed many times by COPA-DATA. In this paper, we will look at specific topic area: a comparison between IEC 61850 and IEC 60870 in relation to command processing. To find out more please download this free white paper.
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Scram Solenoid Pilot Valve
| By Eugen Seitz AG
The Scram Solenoid Pilot Valves (SSPVs) are used for emergency shut down of a GE BWR as part of the control rod drive system. SSPV type 2562 fits exactly into the existing mounting configuration of the GE Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU).
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SEA INSTALLER: Technical specifications
| By A2SEA
SEA INSTALLER is based on year’s of experience in this market and is a huge step forward in capacity and possibilities. We have focused on making a vessel with excellent crane position to maximize the usage of the deck area and minimise handling of the cargo onshore and offshore. The vessel is built for operations in tidal areas and diffi cult soil conditions.
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Seamless or welded pipes?
You know that stainless steel pipes can be manufactured in both seamless or welded forms. But what are the benefi ts offered by each of the two production processes? Which aspects arise for the quality and design of the end products?
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Seawater Flue Gas Desulfurization (SWFGD) system
Overseas, the demand for flue gas desulfurization facilities is growing in line with increasing concerns over air pollution. Under these market circumstances, Seawater Flue Gas Desulfurization (SWFGD) systems have been drawing keen attention, as these systems help to significantly reduce equipment & operation costs.
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Security Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry
| By Thales
Your benchmark for mission critical solutions and services.
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Selecting the correct process seal for Rosemount GWR products
| By Emerson Process Management
Rosemount Guided Wave Radar, GWR, probes are available with a variety of process seal connections to meet pressure and temperature demands and other process conditions of level applications. This document outlines the structural differences between the process seals, the pressure and temperature limits, and guidelines for selection of the correct process seal. Read more.
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SELGA-COAT® CHROME: Selective Galvanic Plating of Functional Hard Chrome Layers
| By AHC Oberflächentechnik
In nearly all areas of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, technical hard chrome layers are applied to impart components with a property profile for their intended use: hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, tribological properties, as well as thermal and chemical resistance. The very good tribological behaviour of functional hard chrome layers is indicated by its relatively high original hardness, strong adhesive, constantly renewing oxide layer and anti-adhesive properties. In addition, the metal features a hexagonal lattice micro-structure when plated. Therefore, the wear-intensive frictional surfaces are absent in the micro-structure.
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Selling Pittcon to Your Boss
| By Pittcon
Let us help you to present justification to attend Pittcon - All you have to do is read or hand this document to your boss.
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SENSOPLAN – TET®-Design: Time and Cost Saving Professional Repair for Generators with Thermal Expansion Problems at the End Windings Support
This paper describes the phenomenon of thermal blocking of stator bars and the mechanism of the patented SENSOPLAN TET®-Design, which is a highly efficient and operationally proven repair method.
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Sesam CAESES: Serious Play in Ship Design - Simulation-Driven Design for Naval Architects
| By DNV GL - Software
Simulation driven design is widely considered the key to innovative product development. While the integration of modeling and simulation is already well established in structural mechanics this is not yet the case with its fluid dynamic sibling. This is because Computational Fluid Dynamics is very demanding in terms of resources. Therefore, the intelligent modeling of functional shapes – like ship hull forms, propellers, pumps and turbines – is of paramount importance.

Naval architects have always been subjected to cope with non-planar shapes and have developed techniques that capture the essence of a complex geometry with as few defining elements as need be. These elements, normally called form parameters, are used to generate and vary a product. By closely coupling parametric modeling to simulation a synthesis model is created. Adding techniques of formal optimization, the process is further enhanced: It now provides the playground for serious work, complementing the human being’s intuition, experience and ingenuity.

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Sesam for Subsea
| By DNV GL - Software
In the oil and gas industry the term subsea relates to the underwater exploration, development and drilling of oil and gas fields. Subsea installations are used to develop reservoirs outside effective reach of existing platforms; they can be installed, designed and constructed in faster time than traditional platforms, making them an attractive substitute. And if surface facilities are available subsea is a much less expensive alternative, and can reduce the size of expensive platforms by moving some of the functionalities to the sea bed.

Subsea systems can range in complexity from a single satellite well connected to a fixed or floating facility to several wells connected to a central manifold tied to platforms or directly to an onshore installation.

This paper offers an introduction to subsea and showcases how Sesam offers the most complete and efficient tool to perform the design analysis of subsea structures.

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Seven Ways to Improve Productivity and Process Operations with Pressure Instrumentation
| By Emerson Process Management
This paper will offer seven ways to leverage the advances in pressure transmitter technology to gain greater control over your process and improve productivity.
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Shaft Hoisting Installation
This free white paper includes technical data on the shaft hoisting installation, as well as a shaft configuration.
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Shortform Catalogue
| By CMP Products
The CMP Shortform outlines our market leading and most popular cable gland products. Certified to the latest standards including ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, CSA, UL and many others, CMP Products guarantee quality and safety.
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SIClamp™ ROV Installed Clamps
| By Subsea Innovation
The Subsea Innovation ROV Installed Clamps are field proven having been installed on many subsea pipelines.
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SIGrip™ Pipeline Connectors
| By Subsea Innovation
The SIGrip™ Flanged Connector can be diver or ROV installed and used for permanent subsea applications.
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SIGrip™ Pipeline Recovery Clamps
| By Subsea Innovation
Subsea Innovation have an extensive track record in supplying a wide range of Pipeline Recovery Clamps specifically to suit clients’ individual project requirements.
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SIGrip™ Riser Hang-Off Clamps
| By Subsea Innovation
The purpose of a Riser Hang-Off System is to provide a structural support between the riser or umbilical and the outer J-tube.
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SIGrip™ Structural Repair Clamps
| By Subsea Innovation
The SIGrip™ Pipeline Repair Clamp is available for either diver installed or remote ROV installed applications.
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Simulation of an AHC winch in SimulationX®
| By Agito AS
SimulationX® is graphically based software for modeling and simulation of dynamic systems. The software is developed by ITI GmbH in Germany and has been well received in the offshore industry because of its extensive library, simple user interface and high flexibility. This article describes a model of an electric driven winch placed on an offshore installation with a closed control loop to compensate for the motions of a supply boat during loading and unloading.
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Simulation of Tensioning Systems with the Belt Drives library in SimulationX®
| By Agito AS
SimulationX® is graphically based software for modeling and simulation of dynamic systems. The software is developed by ITI GmbH in Germany and has been well received in the offshore industry because of its extensive library, simple user interface and high flexibility. This article describes a model of a tensioning system developed with the Belt Drives library in combination with the Planar Mechanics library both available in SimulationX® release 3.5.
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Simulation Software for the Process Industries
| By GSE Systems
Easy-to-use tool kit that allows process engineers to develop their own high-fidelity, real-time, dynamic simulations.
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SISeal™ Diver Installed J-Tube Seals
| By Subsea Innovation
The SISeal™ Diver Installed J-Tube Seal provides an alternative method of installation into the j-tube.
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SISeal™ Passive J-Tube Seals
| By Subsea Innovation
The SISeal™ ROV Passive J-Tube Seal provides a lower cost alternative to the ROV-activated J-Tube Seal.
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