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FACO Technical Brochure
This free white paper includes technical data for FACO's products.
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Fatigue: It’s Causes & Consequences - Dr. Konstantinos Perrotis
| By Aspida
Although fatigue is a well-examined topic in the scientific literature, in the maritime industry it seems to be rather neglected. Even the minimum research undertaken does not analyse the issue spherically in such a way that will work progressively and lead to improvement of seafarers’ working life. Fatigue can contribute drastically to a person becoming hypotonic, thus reducing its body’s physiological performance, causing deterioration and psychological discomfort.
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Favuseal - The Material
| By Favuseal
Favuseal is a thermoplastic compound showing extraordinary properties when subjected to high temperatures. The material consists of mineral fillers in a thermoplastic matrix. It is halogen free, has low smoke emission and does not produce corrosive, toxic or dangerous gases in high temperatures. Favuseal is delivered in tape rolls in various widths and as granulate. For more information about the material please download this free white paper.
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Feasibility of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors for Ireland
| By Energy Exemplar
Electricity generation in Ireland contributes to almost a quarter of Ireland's overall greenhouse gas emissions and at the moment Ireland is the most import dependent country in Europe. In future markets Ireland's electricity generation will consist of a large supply coming from renewable sources. However, these sources are variable and still require a base load supply from a power plant to meet demand for the entire year.
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Filtering Solutions for Improving Energy Efficiency
This free white paper includes, origins, faults and solutions. Filters for power converters, power factor correction in installations with harmonic disturbances, blocking filters filtering the 3rd harmonic and active filters are also discussed.
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Fine Tubes & SENER Combine to Work on the Solar Power Plant- Gemasolar
| By Fine Tubes
The solar power plant 'Gemasolar', situated near Seville in Spain uses unique innovations which makes it not only more efficient than other thermoelectric solar plants, but also able to continue producing electricity without sunlight. Fine Tubes has been working with SENER for 4 years developing and producing the corrosion-resistant heat exchanger tubes for the steam generators as well as the high performance tubing that make up the receiver of the Gemasolar central tower.
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Fire Protection for Process Valves by INTERTEC
| By Intertec
The continued operation of valves during the early stages of a fire event in an oil, gas or chemical facility is usually a critical element of response strategies, in order to stop the process from feeding the flames with large quantities of flammable materials. Hydrocarbon-based fires in particular present a major problem for plant designers, as the rate of temperature rise in a fire can be extreme, reaching over 1,000ºC within a few minutes. Download this free white paper from Intertec to find out more.
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Fire, Blast & Thermal Protection For The Oil & Gas Industry
| By Promat
Promat is a global leader in the dynamic business of sophisticated fire science technologies. It is a proactive link in the worldwide network of the Etex Group, whose consolidated turnover closed financial 2013 in excess of €3 billion. The Group's presence is deeply rooted in 45 countries, 119 production sites and it employs more than 17,000 professionals dedicated to making the increasingly complex built environment a better place for all to live, work and prosper.
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First Class Transport Services
| By Wasa Logistics
Our speciality is in project and heavy lift transportation and together with our dedicated partners we build up a tailor made total logistic solutions for your demands.
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Fleet List
| By SAL
Please download this free white paper to see a list of SAL's fleet.
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Flexible power generation and interconnection capacity needs of the Italian power system using PLEXOS® LT plan
| By Energy Exemplar
One of the main developments of the last few years on the Italian power market has been the significant increase of renewable capacity in the form of wind and solar power plants. Using a PLEXOS® dataset based on data available from Terna and various utilities, we have modelled the Italian power market through the six geographical zones and considered the medium term expected scenarios.
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Flow Rate Measurement In Emissions Monitoring
| By Emerson Process Management
The Kyoto Protocol requires a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The 485 Annubar® Primary Element in stackbar configuration can help monitor these emissions. Download whitepaper to find out more.
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Forcasting the Long-Term Emissions Intensity Factor for Electricity Markets: An Australian Case Study
| By Energy Exemplar
Improvements in emissions intensity via technological innovation will enable the pathway to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn will enhance our chances of avoiding significant changes in the environment. To avoid massive structural changes to our economy and societal dislocation due to a significantly more variable and an even hostile climate, a methodological framework for establishing the true emissions intensity of electricity production is required.
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Four Steps to Improve Steam Trap Operation
| By Emerson Process Management
This paper explains the operation of steam traps, their failure modes and consequences, and the current methods to detect failures. It also gives a broad overview of legacy methods, and a detailed plan of new methods for implementing a steam trap health monitoring system.
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FPGA-Based I&C Systems: A Technological Trick or a Way to Improve NPP Safety and Security?
| By RPC Radiy
The objective of this paper is to discuss advantages and values which Field Programmable Gates Array (FPGA) based solutions can add to Instrumentation and Control (I&C) design of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs).
Power Generation > Nuclear > White Papers
A devastating earthquake and tsunami resulted in severe damage at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan just over a year ago. There has been extensive media coverage on this topic. In this paper, we explore the potential consequences of the accident for nuclear power plant simulators.
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Full Process Software Solution
| By Tekla
Offshore services providers are looking to improve their efficiency in building and construction projects, reducing execution time and minimising costs. Tekla offers an advanced structuralmodel, which has significantly benefited the work process at Saipem Energy Services.
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Funding Small Scale Green Energy Projects Through the Green Investment Bank
| By Grant Thornton
The UK has a legal commitment to reduce its carbon emissions and generate more energy from renewable sources, but to achieve its goals, the scale of investment may reach £1 trillion over the next 10-20 years. Grant Thornton and the Co - Operative Bank have written a report which puts the case for investment by the Green Investment Bank in the small-scale renewables sector alongside the larger projects which will take the bulk of the available finance.
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