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Intergraph's Interoperability Summary: Leveraging 3D Designs & Data
| By Intergraph
Referencing and Converting Existing External Data to and from Multiple Formats in Engineering and Construction Projects
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The Intergraph Cloud Stress Test - Putting Cloud Technology to the test on a $10B Global Energy Mega Project
| By Intergraph
As global energy demands increase, the oil and gas industry is under pressure to keep up. This is a trend that is expected to continue - analysts forecast that nearly US$40 trillion in capital investment will be directed into energy projects over the next 20 years to meet consumer demand.
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Specialist Coconut Waste to Clean Energy Power Plant
| By DP CleanTech
The Mahachai Green Power power plant in Thailand is one of the first plants in the world designed to utilise all the waste from coconuts and convert it to clean energy. It uses state-of-the-art technology and specific design adaptations developed through our experience in complex fuels in China and Europe.
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Intergraph Smart™ Yard: Integrated design and production planning for Smart Modular Assemblies and Smart Production
| By Intergraph
Learn how integrated design and production planning can improve efficiency and lower costs with Smart modular assemblies and Smart Production.
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Fine Tubes & SENER Combine to Work on the Solar Power Plant- Gemasolar
| By Fine Tubes
The solar power plant 'Gemasolar', situated near Seville in Spain uses unique innovations which makes it not only more efficient than other thermoelectric solar plants, but also able to continue producing electricity without sunlight. Fine Tubes has been working with SENER for 4 years developing and producing the corrosion-resistant heat exchanger tubes for the steam generators as well as the high performance tubing that make up the receiver of the Gemasolar central tower.
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CONTAINEX Shelters Asylum Seekers Through its Cabin Modules
The current lack of accommodation for asylum seekers requires rapid action from many local authorities. CONTAINEX has built numerous accommodation blocks throughout the world made from cabin modules for asylum seeker
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BlueCielo - Improving Operational Efficiency at RWE
| By BlueCielo ECM Solutions
With almost 60,000 employees supplying energy to over 16 million electricity customers and 7 million gas customers, RWE AG is one of the leading power generation companies in Europe. The company produces energy by regular and brown power stations, as well as nuclear and regenerative power plants. RWE continually works on methods to improve and optimize the efficiency of its new and existing power stations. Optimization is a key aspect in the engineering, design and construction of new and existing power stations. Efficiency is an important factor in the planning of the operations and maintenance of the power stations.
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SweetSulf™: The High Pressure Redox Desulfurization Process
SweetSulf™ Process Description Reaction Sour gas is contacted with an aqueous redox solution which extracts the H2S and converts it into solid elemental sulphur. Gas separation Treated gas, free of H2S, is separated from the redox solution. Solid separation Solid sulphur is filtered under pressure on a cartridge filter which can be regenerated on stream. Re-Oxidation The redox solution is depressurized and re-oxidized by contact with air.
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SPREX® & SPREX®CO2: Bulk Acid Gas Removal from Highly Sour Gas
Process Principle • Bulk H2S or CO2 removal from highly sour gas by high pressure cryogenic distillation • Conventional distillation column with no hydrates or solid products formation • Separated acid gases are recovered liquid at high pressure and easily pumped back into reservoir • Final sweetening of partially treated gas may be done with a conventional amine unit
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Successful Revamp of “Cold Finger” to Drizo™ at Ekofisk
Revamp Project Scope: • Revamp of an existing “Cold Finger” to boost the glycol purity from 99.4% wt up to 99.95% wt (targeted water dew point -35°C) • 13 T/h of glycol treating 735 MMSCFD of gas at 51 barg, 22°C • Ekofisk platform 2/4 J, Offshore Norway, ConocoPhillips
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