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Welding Company – Induction Heating and Cooling Technology for the Oil, Gas and Power Industries

Whether you need products such as weld and manipulation equipment or you are looking for the latest in induction machinery and technology, Welding Company is able to meet your demands.


Induction technology - preheating using cables and blankets

Induction is not a new technology. We have already been using it in, for example, modern cooking hobs, but now it is also available for specific and delicate welding tasks.

Induction heating is an electric heating method. A conductive metal is heated and cooled without contacts. Specifically, it involves generating an alternating current in the workpiece with a correctly specified frequency.

This frequency ensures for a super fast turning of the molecules in the workpiece from south to north and back. Heat is generated in the workpiece due to the fast and continuous changing of the poles.

The technology, therefore, provides the heating for your welding workpieces without the need for burners or similar equipment - the induction heating system instead features specially-modified blankets or cables that are wrapped around the item.

Precision welding of joints using induction heating and cooling

Induction technology allows users to heat and cool items quicker, and with greater precision, than ever before. With that in mind, results have shown that the quality of welded joints has increased considerably after customers have made the switch to the induction method.

Employing induction technology allows the user to dictate the whole process. You set the required temperature and select the time this process takes. The temperature can also be kept at a constant defined level for as long as required, with cooling periods also set by the user.

Safe for users and the environment - economic energy consumption

With no more gas cylinders and burners to worry about, the induction-based welding process is safe, simple and speedy.
The radiant heat generated during the work remains restricted, while water-cooled cables around the welding workpiece remain cold even when the workpiece is being fiercely heated.

Heat is not lost because the workpiece is heated from the inside. This is totally different to traditional, less environmentally-friendly options, which used an external heating and cooling method.


Induction heating for pipe connections in the energy industry

Induction heating considerably reduces the time required to repair pipes. Our technology is often used a lot of welding takes place, for example places where there are a large number of pipe connections. Power stations and factories are just two common locations.

Some examples of the applications for Welding Company's induction systems include:

  • Pipe welding
  • Tube welding
  • Process installation replacement
  • Power station maintenance
  • Heavy material construction
  • Oil pipeline welding
  • Gas pipeline welding
  • Factories
  • Different types of welding workpieces involving highly alloyed metals
  • High strength metals
  • Shrinking

Installation, maintenance and breakdown services

Our expert team is capable of carrying out the installations, maintenance and breakdown services its machines, regardless of whether a customer has purchased or rented the item.

Welding Company employees boast more than three decades of experience in maintaining a large rental fleet and are only too pleased to answer your technical questions and give you advice.


Since 1993, Welding Company has been based in Schelle, a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp, and the induction specialist continues to go from strength to strength.

The firm's success can largely be attributed to the dedication and expertise of its team of knowledgeable and polite staff, who are more than happy to help you with any enquiries you may have.

Welding Company NV
Brandekensweg 6
Web: www.induction-heating.info
Web: www.weldingcompany.be
E-Mail: jw@weldingcompany.be
Phone: +32 (3) 880 81 80
Fax: +32 (3) 880 81 99