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Welaptega Marine - Subsea Inspection Technologies

Welaptega Marine is a world leader in underwater inspection technologies specializing in risk management for offshore installations. Welaptega’s innovative technologies allow operators to evaluate the integrity of their underwater assets and make informed engineering decisions regarding operational safety.

Welaptega specializes in both rapid response to underwater damage events, and in integrity verification through regular inspection of moorings, risers, and pipelines.

Services Include:

  • In-service mooring inspection of conventionally-moored semi-submersible drill rigs
  • In-service mooring inspection of permanently-moored floating production systems (FPS)
  • Subsea damage diagnostics using 3D modelling and 3D video

Technology includes:

  • High Definition Video (HD3DV) - The offshore industry's highest visual acuity
  • 3D Modelling (3DM) - Geometrically accurate modelling of asset condition
  • Chain Measurement System (CMS ) - Class required chain measurement metrics
  • Rope Measurement System (RMS) - Rope surface condition and diameter measurement
  • Mechanical Caliper - ad hoc ROV based measurement capability

Welaptega's underwater and onshore measuring technologies allow operators to not only determine the condition of their assets but to implement a best practice asset integrity management.

Mooring integrity, integrity verification and damage diagnostics for risers, pipelines and other subsea components

Welaptega's speciality is mooring integrity, but it also provides integrity verification and damage diagnostics for risers, pipelines and other subsea components. The key to Welaptega's success is its unique optical and photogrammetic technologies. Using its 3D video, 3D modelling and specialised optical calliper systems such as the Chain Measurement System (CMS) and Rope Measurement System (RMS), Welaptega conducts comprehensive mooring inspections with no obstruction to drilling or production operations. All technologies are deployable underwater or topside to allow inspection while the facility is in operation or during a standard rig move (for MODUs).

Welaptega's video and photographic inspection systems provide a permanent record of inspection data. From this, analyses produce quantitative and statistically reliable measurements of chain links, mooring ropes, and associated components.

With a combined experience of 100+ mooring inspections, along with participation in industry Joint Industry Projects (JIPs), Welaptega have the knowledge base to identify areas and components of elevated risk. In addition, highly-trained technicians conduct visual checks for loose studs, excessive corrosion, and other deteriorative mechanisms.

Welaptega has an extensive hardware and software intellectual property portfolio, and licences several complimentary technologies.

Drill rigs inspection

Welaptega is the only company worldwide that is accredited by leading offshore certification bodies (Det Norske Veritas and Lloyds Register) to conduct inspections of conventionally-moored Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) while in-service or during rig moves.

This capability is exclusive to Welaptega and has been field-proven and is instrumental in the recertification of mooring systems on drill rigs. Welaptega has delivered huge cost savings to drillers using this survey method because inspections are conducted offshore, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming shore-based inspections. Rig-based inspections eliminate or reduce the time required for dry dock inspections, yielding clients further savings by reducing downtime on rig hires.

FPS Inspection

Welaptega Marine also inspects and assesses the in-service condition of mooring systems on permanently installed floating production systems such as FPSOs, semi-submersibles, and SPARs. Typically, moorings on FPS vessels are deployed for years at a time with little or no opportunity to view their condition. Experiences over the last ten years have shown that permanently installed mooring lines fail more frequently than originally expected.

Welaptega invented the Chain Measurement System (CMS) and the Rope Measurement System (RMS) for this purpose. The CMS and RMS are deployed by ROV to inspect chains or wire/fibre ropes while in water. These in-situ surveys save clients money by eliminating the need to halt production while chains and ropes are removed from the water for quantitative measurement inspection. The scope of FPS inspections also includes deterioration and damage to other underwater assets such as mid-depth buoys, pipelines, and risers.

3D capabilities for complex problem-solving

Welaptega's 3D capability helps clients asses complex problems and damage to subsea components such as moorings, risers, pipelines, and flow base/wellhead assets. Welaptega's 3D Video and 3D Modelling technologies provide state-of-the-art visualisation of underwater assets on offshore installations.

3D video (3DV) gives clear, real-time stereographic video of underwater components, enabling ROV pilots to carry out complex construction and repair operations more efficiently. 3D modelling (3DM) produces high-resolution stereoscopic models that can be manipulated and measured to identify, diagnose, and provide solutions for repair of problems on underwater assets. Welaptega engineers and technicians customise the 3D models and analysis to address specific problems and questions, giving clients better information on which to base maintenance decisions.


Main Office:

Welaptega Marine Ltd
1601 Lower Water Street
Suite 107
NS B3J 3P9
Tel: +1 902 422 8303
Fax: +1 902 422 5644
Email: info@welaptega.com

Welaptega Marine UK Ltd.
Unit 1, Bourtree Complex,
Minto Drive,
Altens Industrial Estate,
AB12 3LW
T.+44 (0) 7815 603 447 (cell)
Email: r.hall@welaptega.com
URL: www.welaptega.com