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OPRA Turbines - Low Emissions Industrial Gas Turbines for 1.5MW-10MW Power Generation

OPRA Turbines is a leading global provider of turbine powered energy solutions. The company develops, manufactures and services advanced, clean, low emissions gas turbine generating sets using the OP16 series of gas turbines. OPRA Turbines' key markets are 1.5MW-10MW power generation solutions for oil and gas, marine, industrial and commercial power markets.

OP16 gas turbines

The OP16 industrial gas turbine exhibits world-class efficiency, low emissions combustion and multi-fuel capability, and boasts the highest efficiency in its power range. In the 2MW power range OPRA's all radial configuration offers exceptional robustness and performance compared to conventional axial turbines and reciprocating engines.

The OP16 powered generator sets can be provided in a variety of configurations to meet specific customer requirements and have enjoyed great market success worldwide. It comes as a standard compact package for use in single and multiple installations. Using multiple units, generating capacity of up to 10MW-12MW can be provided. Rental options are also available.

OP16 generator sets for oil and gas and marine applications

The OP16 is compact, efficient and reliable and therefore ideally suited for oil and gas and marine applications where reliability, space and environmental criteria are high priorities.

The OP16 generator set is compact, lightweight and reliable. Low maintenance and high availability makes it well suited for oil and gas applications. For offshore sites there is the added benefit of the small footprint and low weight. The OP16 marine generating set meets the most common standards re quired for operation in marine environments and is delivered with Class certification as required.

The OP16s run well on different types of associated gas which has many forms - such as having high or low calorific values or high sulphur content. The hot exhaust gases of the OP16 gas turbine sets can be used for process and heating in oil and gas applications.

Low maintenance can be achieved because the turbines are a simple yet robust design - radial turbines will keep on running despite extreme operational wear. The OP16 has proven to be a reliable power source onshore and offshore, from the extreme colds of Siberia to the hot and dusty environments in the Middle East.

OP16 generator sets for cogeneration (CHP) applications

OPRA Turbines offer the right solution for both industrial and commercial combined heat and power needs. Applications where reliability, space, high availability and environmental criteria are essential match well with the OP16. The OP16 has emissions levels substantially below EU/global regulations. In addition, the OP16 runs well on bio gas, pyrolysis oil and other alternative fuels.
The hot exhaust gases can be used for process and heating applications. Depending on the application an OP16 turbine based co-generation plant can reach an overall fuel utilisation of 90%. At full load approximately 5MW of heat is available in the clean exhaust gases. At full load typically 6t/hr of high pressure steam can be generated. The low emissions and high exhaust temperature allows for direct use of the exhaust heat.

Possible applications for use of the exhaust heat include:

  • Absorption cooling
  • Hot water for district heating
  • Steam generation for process industry
  • Direct drying using the clean exhaust heat

OPRA products have been designed for long life, reliability and low maintenance. The company provides a competitive service and maintenance program.

Contact details

OPRA Turbines
Opaalstraat 60
7554 TS Hengelo
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 74 245 2121 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +31 74 245 2121 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax: +31 74 245 2120
Email: info@opraturbines.com
URL: www.opraturbines.com