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On-Waves - Suppliers of Offshore GSM Communications Technology

On-Waves is a maritime GSM service provider, offering hundreds of roaming agreements and pre-paid services. On-Waves' secure and affordable communication services enable onboard workers to place and receive phone calls, as well as SMS messages, while working at sea.

International onboard communication system

We offer the right infrastructure and expertise to supply and maintain a modern onboard communication system for offshore applications. This covers the network on the vessel, as well as all international interconnections and roaming agreements for call terminations around the world.

Onboard connectivity, roaming GSM calls and text messages


We supply consistent use of GSM phones for inbound and outbound calls, as well as SMS text messaging and data connectivity. With On-Waves, you can receive emails onboard in almost real-time, from any part of the world, in the same way as services like Viber and WhatsApp. On-Waves allows users to browse the internet via smart phones - a service that is highly valued by staff, visitors and crew members.

What's more, our resources allow for calls to be placed and received in the same way as onshore services. Staff and crew members may receive and place calls, as well as send text messages on their mobile phones to anywhere in the world, regardless of the location or itinerary of the ship.

Mobile services for the offshore applications

As well as permitting roaming for visitors, On-Waves' system is also used for its pre-paid services. Our communication services are used for a number of reasons, including:

  • On-Waves provides a new, convenient and affordable way to stay in touch while at sea
  • Our pre-paid mobile services offer inexpensive calls and text messages for both crew members and their families
  • On-Waves offers tailor-made and personalised pre-paid services, through a choice of several phone number series available for the crew and staff onboard

Communication services at sea


On-Waves maritime communication system enhances life onboard through the following services:

  • Outgoing and incoming calls permitted
  • Outgoing SMS permitted
  • Incoming SMS permitted (this service is free of charge for the user)
  • Data usage for onboard members (post and pre-paid)
  • MMS permitted
  • Pre-paid GSM phone usage

On-Waves' administrative services for the maritime environment include:

  • Secured web link
  • Real-time monitoring of average and peak VSAT bandwidth
  • Real-time single vessel or fleetwide position
  • Daily status of onboard generated traffic for calls and data services

How the maritime communication system works


On-Waves' maritime communication system works by having routing calls to the terrestrial gateway of your existing VSAT provider and from this point, directly to our On-Waves' core network for call processing.

Our terrestrial links are connected to all major gateways, both for satellite connectivity purposes, as well as for international call terminations. All links are redundant. Mobile phones will display 'On-Waves' as the network service provider.

On-Waves - Síminn specific maritime roaming agreements is under full compliance with BARG46 regulations and linked to our platform, offering worldwide coverage for sea.

Installation of onboard communication system

Our technical team works with your company based on GA plans and on-site inspection, to determine ideal locations for antenna installation. Subsequent to this, On-Waves submits a fully-inclusive plan for your review, and then begins implementation following joint review and agreement on statement of work.

Full implementation of the onboard GSM service takes less than five days, depending on each vessel or architecture of the oil rigs, itineraries and rotations.

Maintenance of offshore communication services


On-Waves provides global on-site assitance for your maritime communication system, whenever necessary. Core maintenance activities are conducted remotely, and On-Waves' technical team is ready to travel and solve any unforeseen issues.

Contact details:

Armuli 25
IS 108
Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone: +354 550 6000
Email: info@on-waves.com
Website: www.on-waves.com