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Innospin - Design and Supply of Air-Cooled Steam Condenser ACC

Innospin is an independent Swiss engineering company with a long project record in design and supply of air-cooled steam condenser ACC with single row heat exchanger tube technology to the international power plant market.

Air-cooled steam condensers

During hot or freezing days, at high cross wind conditions, at full load or part load operation, in constraint or in open space, for renewable or conventional energy production, our supplied and installed air-cooled condensers are tailor designed and optimally integrated into our client's power plant, delivering the highest possible efficiency and power production during the whole year, reliably, year after year, decade after decade.

Air cooled condesner
Air-cooled condenser with single row tube technology for a 480 MW combined cycle power plant, manufactured locally, in operation since 2011 in the Middle East.

Single row heat exchanger tube technology

Innospin applied single row heat exchanger tube technology to realise more than 40 projects in over 10 years, working together with a wide range of customers in China, Korea, India, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our ACCs condense steam from turbines with a total power output of more than 20'000 MW, using more than 2'000 cooling cells and 8.5 million metres of single row heat exchanger tubing.

Innospin only uses materials and manufacturing methods for the supply of single row heat exchanger tube bundles which proved to be of highest quality during intensive metallurgical, mechanical and corrosion investigations and non-destructive testing.

Innospin design

Innospin designs the complete air-cooled condenser in a 3D model with each detail to the last screw in order to ensure easy local production and smooth installation.

Local supply - worldwide

Innospin can supply the complete air-cooled steam condensers as a turnkey installation. On the other hand, Innospin offers as well to supply the key performance components together with the complete ACC design while our clients may choose to locally execute the steel structures and installation. The benefit of such tailored and shared business contracts is to the advantage of our client to optimize their investment cost while Innospin ensures and guarantees for the performance of the installed air-cooled steam condenser.

Thanks to the clear and transparent documentation as well as the dedicated and seamless advise of Innospin's experts during procurement, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, Innospin's air-cooled condensers can be produced and installed locally in any part of the world.

air cooled condenser

Air-cooled condenser with single row tube technology for a 2 x 300 MW steam power plant, manufactured locally, successfully in operation since 2007 in China.

Contact Details

Jurastrasse 58
CH-5430 Wettingen
+41 56 444 29 00
Fax: +41 56 442 09 50